Tell us a story…

I found a new author – which is a really just another good reason to browse the second-hand book shelves.

We all like a good story.  A recent article from Hootsuite argued that choosing to market products with data, facts and figures is counter to human nature, and an approach based on telling stories is more likely to hit the right buttons.  The fundamental point they make is that “we are not ‘businesses’ connecting with ‘consumers’; we are people connecting with other people”.

Some people are not natural storytellers, but we all have stories to tell within us.  Part of the knack is finding the right way to tell them.  Same with businesses – there are always stories to tell – new things, old histories, people things.

So if you’ve got a blog page on your website, tell a story about your business.  And if you haven’t got a blog, perhaps it’s time for us to help you start one.

By the way, the author was William Haggard, someone I’d never heard of before who wrote thriller-type books from the 50’s up to 1990, so there’s a lot of catching up to do.  Variously described as “the adult Ian Fleming”, and “CP Snow with action”.
bookshelf pic

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