DIY Media

When I was younger I remember looking at middle-aged women and wondering why they didn’t bother putting their make up on straight.  Now I understand it’s because as you get older your eyesight goes.  It isn’t all downhill though because with age comes experience.

The funny thing about being one of the first generation to use Microsoft Office, the internet, mobile phones and to work remotely, is that we remember the principles that led us to think that all these things were a good idea.

We’re still learning and like to share – this is why we have a very DIY approach to our own marketing and business solutions.  We don’t disguise that fact we use Gmail – it’s a wonderful tool.  Our website is unashamedly WordPress – have you checked out how easy it is to create a brochure website and we use as our CRM.  All of these things have free access for start ups and there are many others too.

Social Media is a wonderful DIY marketing tool and it’s great if you have time to do it yourself – but have you noticed how many businesses lack the resource to keep it going?  Our Social e-Ready solution will help you to keep your social media streams full of content.  We can set it up for you, run a launch phase, a burst over a particularly busy period or as holiday cover and we’ll even show you how to do it yourself.

And we were also early starters in dating online, back in 1997.  That was successful too – we got married.

Nearly Spring...

Nearly Spring…

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