#KLHour: Survey results 2015


  • 75% of businesses using #KLHour got new business out of it
  • Respondents would like more people to be involved
  • 25% got the reach correct – 75% underestimated!

When a few of us had a chat about #KLHour, our local twitter hour here in west Norfolk, opinions were diverse and varied – which got us wondering what everyone else who joins in #KLHour thought about it too. So we asked them – and here are the results.

We put together a quick survey using Survey Monkey, and asked for people to fill it in on Tuesday 3rd February 2015. Recently, between 35 and 40 separate accounts have been using the #KLHour hashtag, and we received 17 responses – so almost half of the number of people using the hour.

Unfortunately, whilst WordPress is pretty good at a lot of things, importing graphs and pie charts from Excel is one of the things it can’t do – so if you want to see the all-singing all-dancing picture version of this article, you’ve got to click here:  KLHour 2015 survey results pdf


Who uses #KLHour?
Over half of the responses were from people who don’t miss many #KLHours.

We wanted to find out what would make people turn up more often. The most common responses were:
• If there were more people involved
• If more topics were covered in the chat
• If there was more information about when the #Hour is on, including more reminders.
Unfortunately, we can’t make it dark all year round – requested by one person!

Over 70% have been turning up to #KLHour for more than 6 months.

Businesses outnumber individuals by 2 to 1 (although, of course, businesses can be people too!)

12 businesses answered – and when we asked “Have you ever got any business out of #KLHour”, 9 people said yes. Of course, many of the answers lead to more questions, so it would be very interesting to find out what sort of business the 3 who said no were in!

Nearly half the respondents come from King’s Lynn itself – but no-one came from too far away!

What do people get out of #KLHour?
Contacts, improved local profile, and fun were the 3 top answers.

How to improve #KLHour
The main theme here is about getting more people along. A tweet-up was mentioned – which was picked up by Riarmato Productions and @winchygirl43 at the last #KLHour, so that’s being taken care of! And one person said “it’s perfect”, so we have to seriously question their judgement!

The name
15 out of 17 think that #KLHour is a good name for the hour – which is pretty conclusive!

The Reach
Over 75% got this one wrong. ‘Reach’ is one of the Twitter metrics to measure how wide a message goes, by counting all of the followers of the accounts which use the #KLHour hashtag. Obviously not everyone who is following these accounts sees the #KLHour messages, but the point is that it gives an indication of how far messages go, and can also help to compare different campaigns.

So we asked if the reach over the #KLHour on the 27th January was 9k, 27k or 46k – whilst pointing out that the population of King’s Lynn itself is about 43k. The answer was a whopping 46,544. 10 people answered with 9k.

Another statistic is also surprising. Twitter measures how many people eyeball a tweet. Clearly then, the same person may see many tweets as there were 163 tweets in that particular hour. The number of ‘impacts’, or eyeballs: 144,000.

Comparison with the Lynn News is interesting: they print about 41,000 copies per week, 16,500 on a Tuesday, 24,500 on a Friday. And the population of West Norfolk is 147,000.

People use #KLHour for business and pleasure, and businesses do business through the #Hour. It would be improved as an experience by having more people involved – so there is an onus on us all to invite people along. When accounts turn up, we need to be better at engaging them in conversation so that they come back the next week. Bigger is better – but social media is social, which means conversations!

What is also clear is that the impact of #KLHour is not appreciated by the users of the hashtag, many of which have been around for some time! We know that there are a lot of people who watch the conversations but don’t join in – unfortunately, none of those answered the questionnaire. A lot of people see the #KLHour hashtag, and more can see it if there are more accounts using it.

Important here is that the #Hour isn’t ‘owned’ by anyone, it only has a life if people turn up and use the hashtag in conversations. So to all the people who want there to be more people involved, for there to be wider conversations, who want a better, higher profile and more contacts – it’s all achievable, it’s just up to us!

It appears that we need to:
• Remind people more about when the #Hour is on
• Invite and encourage more people to turn up
• Welcome newbies and encourage them to have conversations
• Generally have more conversations!
• ReTweet tweets that will help other people in the #Hour

Other ideas? Having opened up the conversation, let’s keep it going!

Ken Shelton

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