How to be un-social

There’s been a significant upsurge in Twitter activity over the past few months.  Unfortunately, it often seems like the increase in quantity hasn’t been matched by an improvement in quality.  As people become more desperate to achieve an impact, many are turning to automated apps to try and be seen.  Here are my top 5 gripes about automation which are filling up my timeline – and I don’t want them there!

  • Automate your ‘thanks for following’ especially with a request to follow on Facebook, Instagram or blogCanada_Stop_sign.svg
  • Automate your ‘thanks for Retweets’
  • Automate following new accounts
  • Automate unfollowing
  • Automate a daily “Good Morning” famous quote or other trite message

There are some really fabulous and useful Twitter apps, however some are overused or used carelessly. Some accounts use just too many of them.  Twitter is a social platform for two way communication. Automated messages are becoming too prolific and are incredibly unsociable.

Most of us would say we’re short of time but to crowd your twitter timeline with uninteresting tweets about how many people have followed or unfollowed you isn’t doing you any favours.

If this is a personal account then maybe it’s a reflection of your personality and that’s fine, however if this is a business account these automated messages aren’t “sharing the love” as they say. They are saying I’m too busy to put any thought into my tweets or to read and reply to anything that you are tweeting about.  I am only interested in a two way follow in the hope that you will help me pump out my marketing messages.

If someone follows your twitter account why would you immediately ask them to follow you on another social platform without giving them a reason for it?  You’re saying this isn’t enough buddy – Twitter is just a fishing line.

Why do you think I’ll be interested in how many miles you walked in how many minutes or how many people have either followed or unfollowed you?

Worst of all, if your account is really offering true engagement, why would I be impressed with an automated thanks for being part of it?

Here’s a snapshot of part of my unwanted timeline ‘content’:

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