When 2,000 just isn’t enough…

You’ll recognise the dilemma.  You find a twitter account that doesn’t so much grab your attention as gives you a gentle nudge – it’s of interest, but not that interesting.  Your mouse hovers over the Follow button, but out of the corner of your eye you spot they are following 2,001 people, whilst their followers number in the low hundreds.  So even if I do follow them, there’s no way they’ll follow back because Twitter puts a limit on following – until their followers increase to closer to the 2k mark.

twitter logoBut not any more – Twitter announced this week that they are blowing away the 2k limit, replacing it with a 5,000 ceiling.  So what impact will this have?  It’s widely recognised that people are more likely to follow your account if you’re following theirs, and this is unlikely to change.  What it will definitely do is increase the amount of activity on your timeline.

Twitter needs more users, as recent activity data showed an increase of ‘only’ 4 million users month on month, leading to a fall in their share price.  What we can expect is a steady flow of new developments in the Twitter offering to keep users loyalty – the Poll function being the most recent.  Will this be of use to you?  It’s a yes or no answer, you’re not allowed to don’t know…

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