Have your Twitter conversations disappeared?

We run a twitter hour, #klhour, to bring together businesses and individuals in West Norfolk for a natter once a week.  The ‘view conversation’ option is invaluable for this, as it enables us to track who said what, when and to whom.  But it had disappeared – and life was made a bit more difficult!

Pop OutThe fact is that this won’t have affected those who use their phones, nor those who don’t chat so absolutely loads of people just didn’t notice that it had gone.

I asked the question of Twitter but didn’t get a response, so then I began to search for others who had the same problem.  As of today, there is still a steady stream of people asking twitter what is going on, so if you see someone let them know what @barbliztan kindly pointed out to us – the function is still there but it just isn’t labelled so go ahead and click right where you used to and you’ll find the conversation pops out.

Thankfully, the art of conversation on Twitter isn’t dead.

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