Sweet Social Media Solutions from TweetSuite

There are so many apps to help you manage and grow your Twitter accounts, and it does feel like we’ve tried most of them over time!  We manage a number of Twitter accounts for our clients, and each has a unique issue to manage, so we’ve had a go at many of the established and new entrants to the Twitter app world.  If you’ve not delved deep into this area, here’s a useful list of 93 such apps .  Many of these are quite specific with well-defined objectives, whilst some try – and often fail – to be all things to all users.

TweetSuite social media solutionsIt’s not often we come across one which actually does something different and incredibly usefully too – but TweetSuite does. The list of functionality covers many of the things other tools already do – the best time to tweet, for example, along with finding influencers, keyword searches, finding those who’ve unfollowed you and such like.  You can also schedule posts, even using a bulk uploader to save endless copying and pasting into spreadsheet cells.

What is exceptionally useful and unique is their random scheduling function.  We have followers on our Twitter account from all round the world, in all the time zones.  Everyone has habits but if we only tweet when we’re accustomed to being online then we only reach the same people over and over again; we need to be able to reach people 24/7.

We compose the tweet and choose how often we want it to go out, and in which time slots, and the TweetSuite programme randomly posts our Tweets.  You can slow it down or speed it up, depending on how many posts you want to go out.

We’re impressed, it makes our lives easier, which is an important factor!  And with a very reasonable entry price of just €9 per month for up to 10 accounts, you can’t go wrong.  Check out the range of things that TweetSuite can do here…

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