The story of our Olive Garden in Central Portugal

Literally on the day of the Brexit vote, we signed the papers to buy our small house in central Portugal.  As with our house in the UK, it was the garden which swung our decision – about an acre of grass, olive trees and vines, sloping down and in a sorry state of neglect.  This is our Olive Garden story…

In June 2017, our builder had almost finished our house renovation near Pedrogao Grande, Central Portugal, and we were looking forward to planning our garden around 25 existing olive trees.  But by the time we arrived 3 weeks later, a deadly and voracious fire storm had devastated much of the nearby forest, killed more than 60 people and burned quite a bit of our garden including several of the olive trees.  The landscape looked like a continuous sepia photograph that stretched across 73 thousand acres.

The picture shows top left, looking towards the house and the lush green olive garden as it first looked in January 2017; top right a side view of the scorched garden from an old cork oak after the fire in July 2017; bottom left looking out at the garden from the house after we cleared away the weeds, remnants of our builder’s fire, rubble and rubbish in November 2017; and lastly daffodils, the first flowers we planted, coming up in March this year with abundant fresh green growth after 3 weeks of torrential rains.

Read the full story here.

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