Ever stumped for words?

Are you ever stumped for words? Would you talk to this dog?

Dr Feelgood were playing Wisbech Rock Festival on Sunday, and as we’re currently foster caring for Shaman’s Legacy Dog Rescue, we thought we’d take our little friend with us to see how she did in the crowds.  She was a star – very sociable with everybody and every dog she met…and she met quite a few!

Any dog owner will tell you that they speak to more people when they have their dog with them. Dogs break down the social barriers (real and imagined) that prevent people from talking to each other.  All sorts of different types of people felt comfortable to come and speak to us and our dog – people who would never have done so under other circumstances. And it made the occasion much more interesting and enjoyable.

Businesses are sometimes struck dumb when it comes to joining the social media conversation. Lack of time, lack of confidence or just lack of something to say – We can help. Every business faces different marketing challenges but these challenges are unlikely to be unique or unsurpassable. We’re professional marketers and communicators and we’ll present your business in the way you’d like on social media.



Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

masato-beanies-xmasOur fab festive photo comes from the Masato Homeless Support 2017 calendar – it’s been a success and is now sold out!

Social e-Ready has worked with a number of other more local charities, helping develop their corporate partnership offerings, and we see Masato’s initiative as an excellent example of a very progressive corporate social responsibility offering. It ticks all the boxes by delivering meaningful benefits to all three parties: the individuals in need, the charities working at the sharp end as well as the corporate business partner themselves.

How It Works: For many of their range of beanies and duffel bags, you buy one and Masato give one to their homeless charity partner closest to where you live. Further donations are made on a wider range of items – see the full list here. Check out theMasato clothing range here, and go follow and support the Masato Beanies twitter account here. Also, follow their Days Like Ours blog here.

Do you want to extend this “Season of Goodwill” into next year and beyond? Get in touch if you would like to discuss setting up a corporate responsibility scheme.

Wishing you all a Happy Christmas and a peaceful and prosperous New Year.

Give a Bit: Social Media for Social Change

GiveBit is a charitable fundraising tool for the social media world. Re-tweeting one of their registered charity posts won’t just spread the word to your followers, you’ll also be donating £1 to the chosen cause.

givebit logoThere are some controls – we all know how easy it is just to hit the RT button. At the end of each month, GiveBit will tell you how many times you’ve RT-ed, so you can check you haven’t over-committed.

For a charity with any size of Twitter presence, this looks like a great idea. Not only is it free for charities to sign up, they get 100% of what has been donated. GiveBit do take a 5% slice, but this is added to the person donating’s bill – for every £1 they donate, they are charged £1.05p. It should also help to build your Twitter following and interest will build.

And for any business looking to beef up their own Corporate Social Responsibility angle, promoting GiveBit to your employees or your own Twitter followers makes it an easy win – win!

Go here to register as an individual or a charity, or find them on Twitter here.

What’s in it for us?

We look at how charities and business can develop profitable 2-way relationships…

Charities have had a hard time in the media recently for pressurising individuals to donate cash.  With falling incomes, and increasing demand on their services, it’s perhaps understandable that many charities respond with aggressive hard-sell sob-story techniques.

It doesn’t have to be this way.  We have worked with 2 charities here in Norfolk to re-position their offering to make them more attractive to local businesses seeking to develop their corporate social responsibility stance.  Whilst many businesses are still prepared to donate to good causes, there is an increasing number responding to requests with ‘what’s in it for us?’ Continue reading