Our Other Projects

We always have other projects on the go, as we look for new ways to develop our skills and expertise.  Here are our current ones…

Portugal Central

Beach hut city at Nazare, central Portugal

This site we are in the process of developing as ‘the essential portal to central Portugal’, featuring all that’s good from Lisbon to Porto and all points in between.  Our target audience are people with an interest in the area – possibly already resident, regular visitors or potential visitors.  We are working with businesses who have something to promote to this wide audience – we recently achieved a reach of over 5,000 in a 2 week Twitter campaign using our @portugalcentral account.


Third Sector East

Ken has extensive experience working with charities, social enterprises and other not-for-profits – collectively termed the ‘third sector’.  Third Sector East is a social enterprise specialising in helping other third sector organisations benefit from using crowdfunding to fund and develop their organisation.  The work draws on a European Community-funded project called Crucial Crowdfunding and develops this, by detailing a directory of crowdfunding platforms with most relevance for the third sector.