Webbo’s Post to help Father Christmas!!

Press Release 4.12.14 – for immediate use.

Contact for more info at end of release


Webbo’s Post helps Father Christmas in Fenland

News of Webbo’s local postal service around Wisbech is spreading – in fact, as far as Lapland!

In this digital age, Lapland Communications Department are keen to ensure that the personal touch is continued – and they have important information for all children in the Webbs of Leverington delivery area. For the first time in Fenland, there is no need to send a letter up the chimney – just send your letter to Father Christmas using the Webbs Postal Service, and Father Christmas has promised to reply in person!

Brian Webb has received an indication from Lapland insiders that there may even be something more in it. “They don’t really want everyone to know, but Father Christmas has said that because this is the first year he’s able to write personally to the children in the area using our local postal service, he might be able to include a little pressie for them as well” said Brian, “but he made me promise not to tell anyone – ok?”

Brian’s postal service is available to any newspaper customers of Webbs of Leverington. If you are a customer, they collect your post and deliver it next day, 7 days of the week to any address within the delivery patch. This includes all of Wisbech plus 20 neighbouring villages, including Wisbech St Mary, up to the Tydds, across to the Walpoles and Walton, and through to Elm and Emneth. For a full list, check out their website here.

For grown-ups, the most important thing is the cost – Webbs stamps are just 30p, less than half the 62p a first class Royal Mail stamp costs. So if you want to save money posting your local Christmas cards, support a local business by buying Webbs stamps by calling 0800 050 9838. Because it’s local, the last posting date for Webbs Post is the 23rd of December. Happy Christmas!

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For more information and to arrange interviews, call Ken on 07810 840329, email socialeready@gmail.com

Photo to be available soon.

Background Information

Webbs delivers newspapers to Wisbech and 20 neighbouring villages.  With the newstrade in decline, Brian Webb launched a local postal service in March 2014 to give his business a diversified additional income stream.  Before launch, he had to get approval through Ofcom for such a local postal service, only the second in the country.  Since March, Webbs Postal Service has now delivered 80,000 items, often over 1,000 letters a day.  On a recent day, they delivered more letters than newspapers.  A stamp costs 30p, less than half the cost of Royal Mail first class post.  Webbs collect post from their customers, and deliver anywhere in their patch the next day, 7 days a week.  Customers include schools, doctor surgeries, accountants, estate agents and many more local businesses.


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