I’m gonna wash that brand right out of my hair…

My shampoo bottle fell off the shower shelf a while ago and the top broke, so it was no longer water-proof.  The bottle is badly designed and it’s top heavy, and it’s happened many times before, but it hasn’t put me off buying the same brand until now and I wondered – why did I keep buying it? Because I was afraid that if I didn’t my hair would change to a duller colour. How did this happen? My hairdresser recommended it because I had expressed this fear to her.

The last incident was the straw that broke the camel’s back and I’m no longer brand loyal to this product having swapped shampoos many times since and noticed no difference to the condition of my hair.  The brand upset me on a couple of other counts too. Firstly, the palm oil used in the product is farmed at the cost of wildlife habitat – irreplaceable ancient rainforest destroyed and secondly, I was in the habit of purchasing branded single use plastic travel size bottles instead of refilling unbranded multiuse bottles.

There are two large sales and marketing factors at work here 1. Fear of loss and 2. Word of mouth.  This multi-national cosmetics brand can afford a large marketing budget to make sure lots of customers with similar worries about their hair are exposed to their messages through advertising and product endorsement by the hairdressing professionals we trust. This isn’t really fair on customers like me, on the planet or on smaller more ethical brands who are trying to compete. It may be an unfair world but helping small businesses with limited budgets to succeed in this competitive environment is one of the reasons I enjoy what I do.