#ElyHour: what we did…

This week we were pleased to be asked to co-host #ElyHour and give some #socialmedia input.  We decided to have a little play with a new product, Adobe Spark, to give our ideas a bit of pzazz  – or is it pizazz?  Here’s the link to our little videos. 

Our aim was to give an insight into some of the shortcuts which make using Twitter so easy.  If you’re interested in going deeper into some of the Dark Arts, a useful start point is this article which handily summarises 93 free Twitter apps, complete with links.

If we’ve been asked too many difficult questions, we’ll post answers here when we’ve found them!



Quality: a subjective notion…

We all want high quality content on our timelines.  It’s just I’m not convinced I want Twitter deciding what is quality and what isn’t.

That is what’s happening to your Notifications.  Where before you just had All or Mentions, there’s now Settings.  Click this on and you’ll see they have already decided that you want the Quality filter switched on.

Twitter tells us that “when turned on, it filters lower-quality content, like duplicate Tweets or content that appears to be automated — it does not filter content from people you follow or accounts you’ve recently interacted with”.  So it does filter content from accounts I’ve not recently interacted with.  I don’t want that, I’m happy to put up with duplicates, and I actually want to see some automated stuff because it’s our business!

We say #TakeControlOfYourTwitterTimeline but it will never catch on as a hashtag as it’ll probably be filtered out!

Direct Message – direct from your website…

Have a look over on the right.  Under our Twitter feed, you’ll see a Direct Message button – a brand new feature from Twitter.  Direct messages are a key battleground for #socialmedia platforms – Facebook is now handling an astonishing 60 billion messages a day.

Twitter, keen to keep up, now gives us the ability to offer a direct messaging option from a website.  And it’s easy.  Follow the steps in this Social Media Today article, and you can’t go wrong.  When it’s up, ping us a DM to check it’s working!

The Cringe Factor

There are so many things on #socialmedia that make my toes curl.  A recent article on Hootsuite got us thinking about those posts which have the opposite impact to that intended. Social media is all about positive engagement with people so the last thing we’d want is to switch people off.

The cringe factor is personal, so demographics are at play and have an effect on how the message is interpreted.  We run a number of social media accounts for very different businesses, and adopt a specific tone for each.  What is cringe-worthy on one account may not be on another.

Top of my current list of cringe-making references is a social media Twitter guy with the following profile description: “some people describe me as a social media guru. I don’t correct them”.

What’s your personal cringe maker?

Why ‘The Best Time to Tweet’ isn’t necessarily the best time

The question ‘when is the best time to tweet?’ will occur to anyone who is looking to engage an increasing numbers of followers.  There are a number of apps that claim to tell you – but the truth is they only tell you part of the answer, often being when the majority of your followers, or your community, is online.

For a new account this probably is a good time to tweet, as it will help you to get in front of the most people with the least effort.  In the long term, and for established accounts, we don’t think this represents a sound strategy. Continue reading

Have your Twitter conversations disappeared?

We run a twitter hour, #klhour, to bring together businesses and individuals in West Norfolk for a natter once a week.  The ‘view conversation’ option is invaluable for this, as it enables us to track who said what, when and to whom.  But it had disappeared – and life was made a bit more difficult!

Pop OutThe fact is that this won’t have affected those who use their phones, nor those who don’t chat so absolutely loads of people just didn’t notice that it had gone.

I asked the question of Twitter but didn’t get a response, so then I began to search for others who had the same problem.  As of today, there is still a steady stream of people asking twitter what is going on, so if you see someone let them know what @barbliztan kindly pointed out to us – the function is still there but it just isn’t labelled so go ahead and click right where you used to and you’ll find the conversation pops out.

Thankfully, the art of conversation on Twitter isn’t dead.

Changing our marketing activity to match the changing profile of our customers…

When we started Social e-Ready 3 years ago we spoke to businesses who hadn’t explored using social media at all; our potential customers were not available to talk to on Facebook and Twitter so we didn’t use these channels to reach out to them. However, over the past 3 years many more businesses have set up social media profiles and have accepted it as an effective way to achieve marketing goals which in the past had been achieved using phone, mailshots, e-mail and other media.

Summer storm
The other thing which has changed is that although most people understand that social media is a useful marketing tool, having tried it, they also understand that it takes a great deal of time to do it well. This has resulted in many inactive accounts languishing in the digital universe.

We’ve always used Twitter to showcase our company and our account is chock full of comment and conversation reflecting our interests and activities from the past 3 years. As the profile of our customers has changed, we’re adapting our marketing activity to reflect it and have recently been raiding our Twitter timeline for stories that we can post on Facebook. Facebook offers the opportunity to fill in your history in arrears, so if you’ve lost momentum, had no time or use for it in the past there’s no need to start with an empty timeline or leave your page languishing and lonely with nothing to say. If you haven’t got time to do it yourself – get in touch and let us do it for you.