Us and Contacts

Us are 2 of us, well versed in marketing, business development, making things work, and especially good at solving problems – that’s what gets us up in the mornings.  Because us are 2, we know all about small local businesses and have slashed our costs to keep our prices ultra-competitive.  Us also know that delivery is everything – we are highly outcome driven, because that’s what businesses want.

We are strategically located in the middle of nowhere, right slap bang in the middle of the centre of the known universe – we’re talking Norfolk, Cambridgeshire and South Lincolnshire.  We know why once upon a time people thought the world was flat…  Our view is that globalisation is actually making local contacts more valuable than ever before.  If you’re further afield, that’s fine – we’d still love to talk to you and work out how we can work with you to take your business forward.

Although we inhabit the digital world, we also fully appreciate the value of face-to-face contact, and that talking to real people who know what it means to live around here means an awful lot more than any number of emails to remote parts of the world can ever do.  So… do talk to us…  And if you’ve got a problem you need solving, all the better…

P1000555 Rhoda Shelton has worked in all sorts of media for ever such a long  time.  Here’s her LinkedIn profile.

Ken Shelton helps develop businesses and has worked in the public, private and third sector.   He’s even LinkedUp here.



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