What We Do & Why We’re Different

The digital world is changing the way that people do business.  We believe it offers a cost-effective and efficient method especially to smaller, local businesses where brand awareness and customer loyalty are key.

Advertising tells your customers

Social Media lets you have a conversation

Our role is to cut through the difficulties and make digital marketing work for your business.

This may be a Brave New World, but many of the old theories still hold true.  “The message suits the medium” is one of the classic marketing truisms, and it’s so relevant to digital marketing that it’s worth exploring in a bit more detail.

Adverts are a one-way form of communication where consumers are told what you think they need to hear.  The digital form is more of a two-way conversation, enabling you to hear customers’ views, get their feedback, and engage in a discussion – often in real time.

You can communicate different messages using different types of media.  A Twitter message is limited to 140 characters so has to be short, punchy and up-to-the-minute; Facebook gives you more space, but it still has to be up-to-date; whilst a blog or newsletter gives you much more space to go into detail and tell a longer story.

Let us make it work for your business…

What Makes Us Different

Of course you should have a social media strategy – but it’s not the first thing you need.

We start further back.  Your business strategy is our start point.  This shapes your business plan, where you identify how you will manage the change in your business, which defines your marketing strategy.  Then we can help develop your social media activity to directly support your business objectives.

This approach is really what sets us apart from social media strategists who may know everything there is to know about the world of social media but would find it difficult to apply their knowledge to help you solve a business objective.  Furthermore, it’s unlikely they would have the experience or knowledge to use skills and techniques outside the social media tool box.

Our Autumn Social e-Ready logo

Social eready Autumn Logo


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